Revolutionizing Payroll with Cryptocurrency!

Simplify workforce payments with our versatile crypto payroll system, offering flexibility and convenience for both single and batch transactions.

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Easy, Simple, Affordable

An online portal for users or other HR staff or payroll administrators to view their payroll data, update employee information, and make necessary changes.

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Automated Payroll System

Enables user to set employee payments to run on a schedule. The idea is to enable users to set payment to be made at a later date.

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Multiple Payment all at Once

Enable users to pay manually, make single payments or in batch by uploading the CSV file on the platform

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Create Invoice Payment

Enables a contractor or freelancer to create invoice, send invoice to the hirer, the hirer gets notified of the details and proceed to make payment.


Pay Employees without Borders

Pay employees all over the world, quickly and without hidden fees or exchange rate markups.

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Track all your payout in real time.

We help to keep track of all your payout both Daily, weekly and monthly.

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SwiftPay is a cutting-edge crypto payroll platform


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